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Sri Lanka by being a green island located in the south of the Indian Ocean is the leading force of “true cinnamon” in the whole world. In a context where Ceylon cinnamon is highly in demand due to the inherent taste and quality, the Brand cinnamon team is ready to provide the true essence of organic cinnamon to your doorstep. In addition to taste, Ceylon cinnamon is an important key in maintaining a popular healthy lifestyle. We are producing organic cinnamon on large scale with community assistance within the rural community which elevates the quality of our products. Finally, through a purely natural process, Brand cinnamon is reaching your hands. Therefore, Brand cinnamon products are remaining in the core spicy market as the most soughed food additive by now.

We are naturally focusing on the products featuring genuine Sri Lankan Cinnamon while protecting its natural aroma and the quality alike. Brand Cinnamon is packaged through a natural handmade process and available in retail pack sizes in our current market. Please feel free to enquire about purchasing bulk quantities of genuine organic cinnamon and enjoy the true service of the Brand cinnamon team. Further, we ensure the true quality of organic cinnamon for those who are joining hands with us.

Cinnamon Sticks

The inner barks of true cinnamon are using as the sticks which is a brilliant spice all over the world. It is an aromatic condiment and a flavoring additive that is widely using in a wide variety of cuisine. The same cinnamon sticks are grinding to form the powder that available in the current market for easy usage. These organic cinnamon are the true products of Sri Lanka. The quality cinnamon of Ceylon cinnamon is in meeting high demand in the market. The organic and native cinnamon for various purposes is ready to distribute in the real name of true cinnamon which is naturally dried without harming 80+ components that are present in the product.

Cinnamon Leaf oil​

Cinnamon leaf oil is a healthy product out of the steam distillation of pure cinnamon plants in Sri Lanka. It is a recommended treatment product for healthy skin. The cinnamon leaf oil product comes to your hand with its sweet yet woodsy aroma. This oil is generating through a high-quality steam distillation process by neutralizing the terrible lingering odors of the very product. The leaf oil is a100% pure natural product with zero additives and blended or artificial cinnamon. And cinnamon leaf oil is a reputed remedy for calming dry skin, effectively alleviates aches, pains and addresses skin rashes, infections and it slows down the aging of the skin.

Cinnamon Powder

The ground version of cinnamon is forming out of a delicious spice with a vast set of impressive impacts on health. The inner barks of the fried cinnamon are grinding and our cinnamon powder is a natural gift of air cooling grinding. Ceylon cinnamon, the true cinnamon is now available in the well-recognized powder, where it includes low-calories. Among the time-consuming efforts in weight loss, cinnamon powder is much popular because only twelve calories are present in a single teaspoon. If you are looking for a better day, the pure cinnamon drink is a welcoming refreshment that ensures a healthy and fresh day.

Differentiate Ceylon Cinnamon from Cassia:

In fact, CASSIA IS NOT CINNAMON though they are from the same Lauraceae family. Under the commercial ground, both cassia and cinnamon are introducing as the combination of cinnamon or cassia, where this practice has no restrictions in the United States but Cassia is completely different from Cinnamon. Among these, Ceylon cinnamon is reputed as the version of “true cinnamon” where the native country is Sri Lanka and southern regions of India in the current scenario. And this genuine cinnamon variety is quite expensive and reflects a higher quality than the Cassia type.

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Health Benefit

Cinnamon is a natural remedy for the loss of belly fat. Despite the daily exercises and regular dietary plans consuming cinnamon four times per day easily support you in shaping your body with all its nontoxic elements. Cinnamon prevents the unnecessary storage of fat in your body while avoiding the transformation of metabolized glucose into fat. Even it delays the passing of foods from the stomach to the intestine. Therefore it satisfies less food eating as it takes much time. Further cinnamon is famous for processing carbohydrates effectively. So Cinnamon is such an herbal gift with a bundle of health benefits. For a simple routine in making a weight losing cinnamon drink at home, you need to follow the following steps,